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Today, while in the supermarket, I decided to give their self-scan system a go. It was the first time I used it, so it took me a while to get how it worked, but then I went off to a flying start. I swooped through the isles at a neck breaking speed of one type of product every two minutes because I'm still finding my way around that store, and I was happily scanning goods.

Then, as I rounded the corner, I fell in love, right there and then. I would have loved to be to say that it was her deep blue eyes that did me in, or her superb smile, but it wasn't. Sure enough, it turns out she had those two qualities as well, but it was something else. It was her ass. Yes, call me superficial, but hey... if you happen to come up from behind, it's the first thing you notice. Well, at least I did.

It was stunning. Just the right amount of curve, not too fat, not too skinny, but just right. It was wrapped in a sort of greenish camouflage pants that accentuated both halves in a marvelous way, without splitting them apart like a thong would do. My last girlfriend had a magnificent ass, but this surpassed it I'd say, purely based on looks. Of course you don't know what an ass is like till you massaged it, tasted it, slapped it and kissed it, but going on looks... sorry, this ass wins.

While staring at that perfect ass, I was pressing all kinds of buttons on my self scanning device not really paying attention.

I continued my shopping and when I arrived at the counter, and handed over my groceries and device, I got flagged for a check. When I asked the cashier why he didn't tell, but instead showed me the device.

Prod. Ass
Qty. 1
Price : Priceless

I smiled and said "hey... I'd pay anything to take that ass home with me :)".

Everything but the "ass bar code scan" in this story is true. She really had a terrific ass.

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Lol !!

You always get a check when you use self-scanning for the first time.

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