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Today, while in the supermarket, I decided to give their self-scan system a go. It was the first time I used it, so it took me a while to get how it worked, but then I went off to a flying start. I swooped through the isles at a neck breaking speed of one type of product every two minutes because I'm still finding my way around that store, and I was happily scanning goods.

Then, as I rounded the corner, I fell in love, right there and then. I would have loved to be to say that it was her deep blue eyes that did me in, or her superb smile, but it wasn't. Sure enough, it turns out she had those two qualities as well, but it was something else. It was her ass. Yes, call me superficial, but hey... if you happen to come up from behind, it's the first thing you notice. Well, at least I did.

It was stunning. Just the right amount of curve, not too fat, not too skinny, but just right. It was wrapped in a sort of greenish camouflage pants that accentuated both halves in a marvelous way, without splitting them apart like a thong would do. My last girlfriend had a magnificent ass, but this surpassed it I'd say, purely based on looks. Of course you don't know what an ass is like till you massaged it, tasted it, slapped it and kissed it, but going on looks... sorry, this ass wins.

While staring at that perfect ass, I was pressing all kinds of buttons on my self scanning device not really paying attention.

I continued my shopping and when I arrived at the counter, and handed over my groceries and device, I got flagged for a check. When I asked the cashier why he didn't tell, but instead showed me the device.

Prod. Ass
Qty. 1
Price : Priceless

I smiled and said "hey... I'd pay anything to take that ass home with me :)".

Everything but the "ass bar code scan" in this story is true. She really had a terrific ass.

Situation Dirty

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Remember how I wrote my day couldn't get any worse? Well, that was until I banged my head while getting into the car, grin. I shrugged it off though and the rest of the day was pretty good. Got a couple of tasks done that had been put on the back burner for a (long) while and at home my laundry is about to finish it's first ever program. Not with any laundry in it since apparently it's supposed to do an empty run once before putting it in use, but even then...

I got a fully functional laundry machine now... but no detergent to use in it, lol! Yeah, those kinds of things happen :)
Will pick some up tomorrow (all shops closed for Easter today) and get through that big pile of dirty phantasies clothes during the rest of the week.

On a totally unrelated note : I've really turned up all spam setting for this blog, because even after banning two complete IP ranges in China as well as quite some US addresses, the flood remains constant. The spammers' work is pointless 'coz nothing gets published without my approval, but the cost to them is so low it doesn't stop them from mass commenting on every blog they find. If this keeps up, I'm really going to consider turning off all comment options, at least for a while. Too bad to see the few good pay for the bad apples but the balance is way off :(


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I just woke up in a very bad mood. Not just "below zero" bad, but closer to -273 degrees Celsius bad. Anyway, being the optimist I am - sometimes - that also means things can only get better from now on. World - in this case "work" - here I come :)

Hoping to finally get that laundry machine installed and running later today, coz I'm running out of clothes.

Running Water

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No, that's not my Indian name :)

Today I popped over to my dad to pick up the large power drill and punched through that wall with it within minutes. It was pretty much impossible to do by hand, so I didn't have much other options. Picked up some more pieces in the local hardware store and installed the plumbing where needed. Now there is running water in the house again, meaning I can take a shower later, yay! Showers are nice, hihi.

I didn't fix the electrical problem yet but I hope dad will take care of that tomorrow (not in the first floor room, but outlets for the laundry machine etc), because the current wires are too short and I don't feel confident enough to open up the breaker box myself and start running new/longer wires. It's just not my thing, and I know it.

Hopefully we can finish installing the laundry machine tomorrow so I can take care of my laundry - it's been building up after all and soon I won't be able to look past it no more. And I'd have to go to work in the nude, lol. Not sure if I'd mind, but others may object, whahaha.

Before I started working this morning I took the time to send out a couple of mails that were long overdue (sorry about that) and got in touch with some women that may prove to be interesting. Setting up dates and all :) A man has to keep busy, you know?

Off to play some Eve Online now, check my Hattrick games and generally relax. It's Sunday after all, ain't it?

Who closed my socket?!

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What a week so far, and there is one more day to go. After which another week starts, and it just continues I suppose.

I don't know what it is the past week or two, but I can't seem to focus on anything at all. Is it personal things keeping me busy? Is it work that keeps me awake? I have no clue to be honest. I sleep well, I do my job as I'm supposed to be, and I'm more or less able to live my life. Yet I can't seem to even wrap my head around some things that are lingering in my life and actually need resolution.

A couple of days ago someone asked me something - sorry for being a bit (well, a lot) vague - which would otherwise make me rather active, exploring, thinking things over and looking things up in relation to the question and the options available, but now... nothing. I simply can't bring myself to even think about it. Similar pattern in relation to my personal life, the rebuilding of my home I'm undertaking. It seems it (or I) is all stuck in a time bubble. Nothing moves, nothing gives.

However, I do know this can't go on much longer. Every day I get home from work with a headache, something that didn't happen to me before. I get home, look around and see what I can or should do and I just don't.

There is some good news too though. Today my dad came over to give me a hand to get some of the larger jobs done and while some things really didn't go as planned (electricity for instance) we were able to accomplish one thing quite well : create a mess, loads of dust and piles of stone everywhere. Well, not everywhere, just in the old bathroom and the old laundry room. Tomorrow I'll be popping over to dad to pick up the really large equipment and drill out the rest of that wall, so I can actually turn the water back on. Yes, due to our work today I'm now without water. Which I only realized a while after calling it quits for the day, lol.

I had a very nice evening with J&M last night and little T. was really into it as well. Excellent meal and starter course, but while playing Formula D (a board game) I was eating a lollypop and I broke my front tooth. Luckily I ain't in pain, but it'll need fixing because it's plain ugly and uncomfortable. Another thing to add to the list of things to do.

Time to hit the bed now, getting up rather early again tomorrow so I can finish the plumbing and electricity job that we didn't get finished today.

No TV (yet)

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I just got off the phone with Samsung, followed by call to the local repair technicians and I must say that so far I'm impressed, even though I wasn't when I first called them. Allow me to explain :

Friday afternoon I log a fault on my TV (no picture nor sound when turning on the TV). The call center tells me they'd call me on Friday (unlikely) or today (Monday).

As I hadn't heard from anyone yet, I call Samsung again and check the status of my call. I give them my customer number and they retreive my data. I explain that I haven't been called yet, and what is up with it? They give me an order number and other phone number to call, that brings me in touch with the local technicians. After giving them my order number they can immediately tell me that parts have been ordered and they'll be in touch as soon as they come in.

I tell them that I'm a bit suspicious that they (can) order parts based on the sole information that I get a standby led on the TV for a few seconds, but no sound or display, but it turns out it's standard Samsung policy to first order the parts before dispatching a technician. And it also turns out that it's a common fault on the TV I bought. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen :)

No doubt to be continued.


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Sorry about the site going down for a while there. Editing a specific file using two different methodes (one manual, one semi-automated) resulted in a corrupted file, presenting all visitors with a nice fat Internal Server Error. Which basically means something somewhere got fucked up, but the error itself is so vague it is absolutely worth nothing when it comes to troubleshooting.

I had quite a fun and interesting evening yesterday. Went clubbing with a new group of friends and I think we got along pretty good. We got back to their place around 4h30 AM and I got home around 13h30, still quite tired even though I had slept a full 4 hours or so, lol. Looking forward to more of the same in the future.

After getting home and watching cops, medics and firefighters do what needed to be done to resolve a traffic accident at the intersection right in front of my place for a while - I wasn't blatantly being a "peeping tom", I had just gotten home and was washing my car (good weather, being outside, feeling the wind through my hair and such) coz it was damn dirty - I worked a bit more on stuff that needed to be done inside. I fixed the cabinet covering the utilities that get into the house in the living room, I installed my desk and moved my computer(s), which is yet another step into getting things in order.

Don't know yet what next week and weekend will bring, but I think my dad may be over in the weekend to give me a hand getting some of the larger jobs done, maybe do a checkup, or replace some of the electrical wiring and fusebox. I'll also be doing everything to get my laundry machine installed and running, so I can do some laundry.

I may meet up with a few people during the week - if they don't call or talk to me, I'll go over there and drag them out ;) - and I'll set up more meets in the coming week(s). I hope to talk to the Samsung technician on Monday as I called them to register a fault with my TV (no image, which makes a TV pretty useless) and have them come by asap, because I don't like paying for something I can't use.

Signing off now, after deleting another 80.000 spam comments... Enjoy the sun and remember that I ain't far away if you need me, day or night. Yes, if you read this, you know I'm referring to you specifically.

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