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Due to a continuous spam run on the comments of this blog - for those that have no idea : about 20.000 spam comments a day - I've made some changes in how things are handled in the back end. I banned a complete Chinese IP range which was abused all the time. Yes it's like using a cannon to kill a mosquito but unless China starts taking care of it's own mosquito's (in this case, spammers) they'll get tossed in with the crooks, too bad. Clean up the act and the range can be reviewed.

This drastic measure alone has already cut back spam by 50% (for the time being), but I've just turned on some more plugins and finetuned some others to help lower the footprint of this blog. If you suddenly are unable to post or leave a comment, shoot me a mail and I'll look into it early April.

Yes, no updates for a while due to limited internet access. I can read my mail, but can't send long answers or post blog entries. So be it. I have a bathroom to build anyway :)

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