Shopping for bathroom stuff

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I went shopping for some bathroom furniture today, and settled upon 2 Balmani XN Macassar closets of 67,5cm combined with a 135cm tablet from the Balmani Tablo New series (with rounded sinks), equipped with 2 Blaufoss Kato faucets and a matching Macassar XN hanging closet.

Still undecided on the bathtub and/or shower though. I'll probably also get them at X²O because I like their products, but I don't know yet whether I want - and can afford - a free standing bathtub, or a regular one, a walk-in shower or a regular one, and how I'd fit it all into the bathroom. After all, I'll be creating a bathroom from scratch, so I have quite a few options to move things around, but I can't make the room any bigger, nor can I move doorways. That combined with a lack of measurements makes it pretty hard to decide what fits and what doesn't.

For those interested : X²O - Balmani - Blaufoss

1 Comment

I need some decorator help. Are you available for hire? Nice selections!

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