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Even though my mind may not yet be as clear as it normally is, I feel good enough to write about something that has been going through my head for the past day. In fact, this touches base with a topic I have been interested in for quite a couple of years now - feel free to browse other entries in these categories on this blog - which is privacy.

First of all, what is privacy? I can not give you the answer, because I feel privacy is a term that each and every one of us fills in differently, which makes it a very difficult topic to define for starters, but also difficult to discuss or reach common regulations regarding. What I would like to do however, is list a few recent incidents that all relate to privacy in some way or another - at least in my definition of privacy.

Tunesian Governement harvesting usernames and passwords

Search Ruling Makes Smartphone Security More Crucial

While the above incidents are governments restricting or hollowing out privacy, there are plenty examples where corporations do so.

Now, especially in the case of the first incident, where a drugs dealer is arrested for attempting to sell drugs to an undercover agent, and has his smart phone searched, you could think "of course! He's a criminal, he should be stopped and each and every method to find more criminals is good."

Now, imagine this situation : you're driving down the highway, with a broken tail light, a patrol pulls you over, checks the car and the office decides to take a look at your smart phone. Hey, you're a "criminal" since it's illegal to drive around with a broken tail light.

Still the same thing? Or maybe you think that you don't have anything to hide from anyone, because you are not doing anything wrong? That may very well be true, but privacy is not about doing wrong or right. It's about being able to do what you like without people interfering. It is not illegal to have $120,000 on your bank account, but do you feel comfortable with a stranger taking a peek onto the balance? It is not illegal to have photographs taken while you dress up as a manga character and get whipped silly by a woman dressed as a furry rabbit playing Beethoven while masturbating - how the hell do I even come up with these examples? - but do you feel comfortable having those photographs seen?

Privacy is a feeling. It seems all to natural and "there", until, one day, it no longer is. And by the time you miss it, it's way too late to take a few steps back. Be vigilant. Be aware what you share and whom you share it with. Respect others' privacy as you'd like yours to be respected. After all, my privacy ends, where yours begins.

I can suggest these sites and/or EFF projects :

Surveillance Self Defense project

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A slippery slope, indeed. And when you give the example of the tail light vs drug dealer, well, I guess I'd have to opt for more privacy because of that. Is it possible to draw the line somewhere and not have endless legal arguements about it? I wish I knew...

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