Breakdown imminent?

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It's only Monday evening and already I feel like I've been run over by a truck, a train and beaten up by a boxer that was way out of my league. I'm sure 75% of that feeling is due to mental stress, not so much physical issues, but the result is about the same. My head hurts, neck aches and I can't focus any longer than the average goldfish' attention span (which is said to be around 3 seconds).

But, so much for the whining and complaining. Today I achieved the following in regards to the break up and buying a new house to live in :

I confirmed a date to pick up the last of my things on Friday,
I arranged for some furniture to be available by or around the time I move,
I called my preferred electricity supplier to announce my intention to have them hook me up to the net again,
I have a meeting with the current owners of my new house tomorrow,
We're meeting up with the notary to finalize the separation of the ex girlfriend and I on Wednesday,
I have decided what supplier I'll use to provide my new place with natural gas,
I might have feedback coming up regarding one of the two selected suppliers for windows I've picked.

Yes, that's quite some things already arranged, or in some stage of resolution. It is however also quite stressful as I combine it with 9 to 10 hour long days at work (not including travel to/from work).

Now I'll go play some Eve Online before I head off to bed and wake up in the morning for yet another day. Mind you, I do like my job and life a lot, but sometimes I just want everything to go away and get some much needed rest.

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You don't happen to need an electric stove (with oven - oven barely used) and/or fridge in the new place do you?
My new renter already has both so I couldn't sell them to her.

Or if you know of anyone who would need either...

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