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I sure thought 2011 would start differently : Yesterday I went to work a late shift, after spending a very enjoyable evening with my sister, her boyfriend and kid. Excellent food, superb company and a couple of games of "Dominion" made the evening one to remember.

This working I woke up, feeling a bit bloated - not from drinking or eating too much, mind you - and by the time I reached the toilet I knew I had whatever Joco had last week : vomiting and diarrhea, what an interesting combination. It makes one choose between an bucket and a toilet, lol. Combine that with a slight fever - I didn't take my temperature, but I do know my body - and I guess you understand I didn't do much apart from staying in bed, running to the toilet and feeling crap.

Everything hurts but it's getting better : since 16h30 I've been able to keep some water in my stomach, which is a relief. I should feel better tomorrow even though everything hurts, including the few hairs on my head I have.

Plans for tomorrow : take car to garage for maintenance and if time and results permit, to the mandatory yearly checkup as well. Apart from that, little else is planned. I'll be replying to some mails and updating my agenda. Even those few things could prove challenging.

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