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Visiting two more houses today, and got another one lined up for a visit on the the 30th. Hopefully one of them will be what I like, need and can afford, you never know. Especially that last one has - purely based on photographs I've seen online - tons of options, but the location is a bit more worrying. It's practically sitting in the backyard of a huge non-ferro company, which has confirmed pollution in the wide neighborhood in the past. It was sanitized a couple of years ago, but that never is 100% and there is a continuous emission of gasses, heavy metals and all kinds of less than healthy by-products even though those have diminished considerably. Anyway, I'm still gonna take a look at the property, even of it is just to know for sure that I don't want to live there.

The properties lined up for today has one that seems very interesting (in the afternoon) and one that could have possibilities, but I'm uncertain about. The first one is more expensive and has no garden and as far as I know the heating is not up to par with current installations but apart from that practically ready to move in, the latter is a total renovation but less expensive and it has room for a - small though - garden.

Off I go... First to Mechelen to sign even more paperwork - I tell you, this is the last I sign until I start seeing some cash coming my way - then visiting the properties.

Oh, I got invited last night to a meal in a Japanese sushi bar in January... Looking forward to it :)

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