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I'll be making a decision this week on whether or not to push through on the house/project in BW. I've tried contacting an architect but already got a reply that the site is too far for them to accept my case. I've found another one that is in the same village, whom I'll try contacting tomorrow. I am however rather surprised by the amount of money some of them charge for a couple of calculations. I'm aware that they can be held responsible in case it turns out they made errors, but still... One of the results I got when performing an online price check was just over €18k - that's simply insane.

It seems the average is around 7% of the total cost in case of a new house, but getting a price for a renovation seems much harder. Anyway, I'll make some calls tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll also try to mail my ex-girlfriend because I want things to finally come to a conclusion. It's time to move on. I do realize that not everything is in her - or my - hands and that we're still waiting for the notary and bank to file the necessary paperwork, but come on... hurry up already.

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