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I just had a lovely afternoon, hanging out with old friends from school, and their kids. It was superb to see S. back (an ex-girlfriend of mine) and her daughter B. For one reason or another B. and I just clicked and we had a fun time. It also made me realize something that I had been suspecting for a while : I really like kids.

Anyway, it was fun and such. This morning I went to visit that other house that I was interested in and when I compare it with the house I've already visited twice, it has a few pro's, yet cons as well. Allow me to refer to them as House 1 and House 2.

House 1
needs complete overhaul
has only small garden, in the front of the house
3-4 bedrooms possible
architect needed
priced at 139k right now (add about 14.5% for costs), but lower may be possible

House 2
needs smaller overhaul
has large garden (1000m² of property in total)
3-4 bedrooms possible
needs new expansion to be built in order to make it nice
needs architect
priced at 125k, but selling publicly so it can only go up (add 18% for costs)

At first sight, House 2 seems like the more rational choice, doesn't it? However, as it's a public sale, people will be putting in bids, which would raise the price considerably rather quickly. The last public sale I went to, had a house starting at 132.5k sold for 161k (excluding costs). There is no certainty that the same would happen with this property, but chances are rather high. If that was to happen, it would be pushed right over my budget, or leave no room for the overhaul.

I think I'll think it over this weekend, do some drawing and decide. Tonight I'm going out to the movies - not yet sure what I'll be viewing - but first I'm gonna the fix the C key on my laptop that often fails. So if you see words that look a bit off, they may be lacking the letter "c".

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