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Date that I know for sure whether or not the property is sold : November 19th. In the mean time, I'll be keeping an eye open for other opportunities.

Got an appointment at the bank on Thursday, called the ISP to have them change things over to her name - will take up to three weeks - and have swapped over a major part of my online identities and e-mail addresses already. Will do the rest during the week. It's always such a hassle, moving in and out. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it all and just let her figure it all out, but I do realize that if I want it all done properly and in the correct order, I better take care of it.

Up next : getting the electricity switched... (call made, they will also be taking the necessary actions)


Though I don't comment that often (anymore) I do read your blog on daily basis.
I'm not quite sure I've got all the facts straight on what's going on (and since we don't know each other that well in IRL I don't need to) I do whish you the best of luck and "veel sterkte" (really don't know this expression in english)while "fleeing forward".

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