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I finally got a reply from the real estate agent... it seems the property has been sold, pending financing that is. So, unless the people currently interested in it don't get the financing set up, I'm screwed. I've been looking at some other properties in the region and to be honest... no... I so don't feel like starting from scratch again. This year alone I've emptied and cleaned out my apartment, I've redone and moved to the house in Mechelen, and that is plain enough. I really don't want to start all over for the third time this year. I really don't. It makes me freak out.

Truth be said... if the situation were different, I probably wouldn't mind yet another project. I do realize that if you want to own property and not break the bank too much, you have to do a lot yourself. However, that takes time, loads of time. Even though I do feel fine about moving in with J&E, I also know that I'll never be at ease there. That is nothing personal at all, and I know they'll understand should they read this. Just imagine living on your own for over 20 years and then moving back in with your parents... no matter how good they are, no matter how little they expect, ask or interfere, it just doesn't work. Hence, I want to be back on my feet asap.

Maybe I'll find myself some rich old lady that likes the idea of a "young" man entertaining her, even though she knows it would be only for the money or the property. Grin, that sounds so wrong, doesn't it?


I've got a spare bedroom at my new place! Wanna be roomies in Michigan? :D Pepper even likes you!

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