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It seems a certain someone doesn't really care, or doesn't show. Anyway, I'm moving on, that's for sure. It may be a flee, but at least I'm fleeing forward, and not hiding somewhere.

I just ordered tickets for Alex Agnew, whom I really dig as a standup comedian. He's big, bold and bombastic, but it just works. He found his thing so to speak, and I like his style, or lack of it.

Speaking of concerts and shows... Here's what I've lined up for the time being :

Lady GaGa, November 2010*
Lord of the Dance, December 2010*
Alex Agnew, March 2011*

* I will be going to all these shows, and I do have a spare ticket for each of them. I'd rather not go alone, but will not be asking or allowing just anyone to tag along. If you are an interesting female (milfs welcome) that welcomes a night out, feel free to get in touch. I can't promise upfront that I'll pick you to go with me, nor can I promise that I wont (try to) get in your pants, but hey... give some and get some. I'm past caring about the feelings of others for the moment.

Note : the above words might sound sexist. They may be offensive to some. They may... hell I don't really care. It is a joke, yet it is not. I really do have tickets, and I will welcome company. Having huge hooters won't really help you catch my attention. Being witty, funny and honest will. But... I wasn't lying about getting in your pants ;-)

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