Balancing the positive and the negative


Had two pairs of extra eyes this morning while checking out a possible new house/home. Joco took quite a lot of photographs again - which is quite helpful when you need to recall a certain state or part of the building, or haven't spotted something while there, yet notice it on the photograph - and Jess was busy looking around as well, while I was listening to the current owner who was answering my questions.

Pro's :

  • bathroom is done quite nice

  • kitchen remains to be placed, so I would be able to pick and chose, depending on preference and budget

  • living room floor needs to be placed, same pro above

  • new windows and doors installed

  • heating installation is only 2 years old

  • electricity has been redone

  • affordable

  • close to my current place of employment

Cons :

  • bathroom is rather small, but not too small (two adults would work, if there would be kids involved, forget it)

  • two bedrooms (one large, one small) with no possibility for a third one

  • two obvious leaks noticed (one in the front roof, one in the back). Back roof would be repaired due to guarantee according to owner

  • state of walls in back section is dubious though not completely clear

  • new stairs are needed

  • roofs are not or very badly insulated (though a set back, it would also be an opportunity to do it correctly and even get some financial aid doing so)

  • kitchen needs to be installed (see Pro's)

  • Livingroom floor needs to be done (would allow for proper insulation as well)

As you can see, I've been going over pro's and cons quite a couple of hours already. Should I decide to make an offer, it won't be anywhere near the current asking price, and I'd have to take into calculation at least 2-3 months of work that needs to be done. Apart from the time needed to get it all installed and finished, I'd guess about 15k worth of investing would be needed as well. Which still is not that much, but definitely a factor to keep in mind.

Off to bed now, gonna let it rest for the night and review everything again tomorrow. Advice or first impressions may be asked from my two extra pair of eyes :)


most important: do you see yourself living there ?

i'm 100% sure you're able to do a lot yourself of the work, i've seen 3 of your projects in the past, so no doubt about that, about finance we discusses allready and i've asked you to check something that would give us both a benifit: dive into that my friend!!!

ow, and i may be able to arange tiles for the garden if needed :) but not the expensive bleu natural stone that was demanded for the mechelen project :(

Don't you still own your apartment? Is moving back in there an option?

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