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October 26th 2010 - a day I will not lightly forget. I won't go into details for now, as I feel there is no need to do so (yet, or even ever), and those who need to know, already do.

I spent my day at nipacenter, getting my back done (last treatment for now), then visited J&E - thanks for being there for me when I needed you most! - and surfing the internet for household appliances. While your specific needs may differ, here are some the top deals I was able to scout online.

Laundromat : Whirlpool Denver 1600 - Dryer : Whirlpool AWZ 7660 - Dishwasher : ETNA EVW 8161 - Freezer : AEG-Electrolux Arctis 60120 GS4 - Fridge : Siemens KG 33VX47.


Maybe there is something I don't know but that I have to know ?

Not sure what's going on, but I hope things are looking up soon... Hugs!

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