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Work and play

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Friday : work and an evening out with Schattie (food at Lord Nelson, then performances at vis-pop.

Saturday : up early, clean out garage in Deurne, helped out H. and returned home, to help Schattie dig a hole for the concrete that we hope to put in this week (for the garden shed). Installed most of the borders for the concrete. Cut down the branch of a tree that took away too much sun and was overhanging our property. Looks better now, though we'll have to cut some more.

Sunday : Up early again, though less early. Installed some ropes to get things level and filled another two boxes with cut up wood for the fire basket we'll use during winter.

A busy Monday evening

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I had quite some things to do tonight, and while I didn't get all of them done, those most important were accomplished. I'll be wrapping up one last mail I have to write and send that out before I head off to bed though.

I finished the first - and possibly final - draft of a flyer that we'll need soon, I did manage to talk to my little sis for quite some time, I created a DVD with all the images from our recent trip to Croatia (will have to burn at least one more copy) and I created an e-bay account for Schattie upon her request. I re-listed my playstation 2 console with 22 games, dualshock II controller, multitap, memorycards and eyetoy camera, as well as a copy of the Suicidegirls book (brand new, 155 pages).

Off to get that mail sent out and then to bed I head.

Digging for gold

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The apartment is definitely starting to look.... worse. Well, I wasn't really expecting it to be different, but still, it does kind of surprise me. I just walked back in after hauling 10 bags of trash from the garage to the pavement for pickup in the morning, as well as the carpet and the sofa(s) and it just struck me as I stepped in. It seems so empty, even though there is still a lot to be done. Next one the list is take out the last two chairs, which means no more comfy seating for the rest of the week, unless I plant my ass on the tiled floor, lol.

It's quite late already, but I'm planning to fill up the last bag and then head off to home and grab a quick snack on the way home. Back on Tuesday right after work for more cleaning and throwing things out. Looking forward to the 15th, yet not at the same time (depending on whether or not I make the deadline I've set myself).

* unfortunately, I've yet to find gold in here. The only thing I found so far is trash and things I no longer need, care for or fit in. I did bring 4 chairs from the new house here to put them out for collection tomorrow, but when I just walked out, they appeared to have been collected by someone already. Guess they could still use them. Suits me fine, I've gotten rid of them :-)

My home is not where my bricks are

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As I'm cleaning out the apartment, I've come across things I had long forgotten I had. I found photographs - you know the hard copy kind - that are ten years old. They pictured me and my ex-girlfriend when we were renovating the apartment. Well, it looks more like were we tearing it apart, which is pretty much what we did before we moved in to it. Ah... memories.

I don't really feel sad or sorry for having moved on though, or moved at all. My bond with this apartment is long gone and it had become no more than a place to rest and eat when needed. It stopped being a "home" a couple of months after we broke up. You know... a home is so much more then a place. A home is feelings, emotions, not just bricks and a roof.

Anyway, back to slaving I go. I'm still shooting for August 15th, though looking at the mess and work still to do, it could become difficult.

Update : I just managed to haul the two, three seat and the corner piece of my sofa down thee stories on a small common hallway. Why? Because it needs to be down by Monday morning 7AM, otherwise they won't pick it up. I almost broke a leg doing it, but hey... almost is also how close I usually come to winning the lottery. I'm gonna bring down the next two bags of junk and one more cabinet, and then call it a day. Tomorrow I'll work on the computer room some more - anyone interested in a server cabinet by the way? - and take out the carpet that has been in the living room for over ten years. The remainder then is - if I'm judging correctly - one


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I got access to the new World Of Warcraft Cataclysm Beta... installing it as I write this. The new Starcraft II looks superb as well, too bad I don't have the time to play it all :)

My life is more than games and work nowadays...

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