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Had quite some people calling me about the apartment for rent, and today I saw the first couple. They immediately loved it and told me they'd take it. I'll be sending them a contract tomorrow for them to sign and then we can proceed. I've got another woman coming in to see it, but I'll tell her right away that it's probably gone, but that I'm willing to write down her details in case the first couple backs out again (one never knows).

After our trip to Croatia, I'll have tons of work here, but I might be able to get it all cleaned out before August 15th, which would make things easier on them, as well as allowing me to charge half a month rent earlier.

I sure hope they keep their word and sign and send the contract back to me, so we can get this issue out of the way for once and for ever. Off to play some WOW now - I did ponder about going out to see Iron Man 2, but I may do that one friday instead.

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