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I just updated/upgraded the system powering this blog to the latest stable release. It was supposed to be nothing but a bug fix release, yet I'm currently looking at an entirely different user interface. The upgrade itself, was as is most often the case, a pain in the ass once again.

It doesn't make sense to have to delete everything you got, and then rebuild it. If you'd have to tear down the walls of your living room every time you want a new wallpaper, people would revolt as well. Anyway, it seems to be up and running - if this post appears that is - and I hope you'll let me know if some things have gone haywire.

Ok, that post didn't work as it should have. I think I've fixed the main index now, but it seems the CSS is not being loaded as it should be. I may be able to fix that as well, who knows?

Update : reverted to default templates, and even those seem to be messed up, throwing up errors left and right. Why can things never be plain easy? More troubleshooting, pardon the mess.

Update 2 : apparently, MT5 needs a website in order to be able to publish a blog. Well, there you go! If you want to drive a car, you need to have a garage to put it in, and that garage needs to be supplied by us, and you get to pick out 12 different colors, but that's it. Fuckers! If I had known that 6A had gone out of their way to make their product idiot proof but at the same time extremely annoying for users that are NOT technically challenged, I would never have upgraded. Time to take a look at the competition next week, and see if I can actually find a tool that'll do exactly what I want it to do and nothing more or less.

MT5 is the Windows Vista of blogging : it knows everything better, yet fails to actually work the way the user wants.

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