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Just finished reinstalling the faucet in the bathroom for the last time - hopefully.

We noticed that the lighting downstairs was making a strange noise whenever we turned it on, and it turned out to be full of water. Logical conclusion : water was leaking into the floor or wall somewhere and it just made sense to suppose the recently installed faucet had something to do with it. When I took it back off, the wall was wet indeed, so I can only assume that it had been leaking for the past two weeks, which would explain why it took so long for us to notice.

Anyway, problem solved I think, now we just have to wait for the wall and ceiling to dry.

Off to go sit outside a bit, the weather is just too fine to stay inside. Managed to configure my mail client to check various accounts, and looked up some data on becoming a Type A energy consultant. Courses start in September consist of no less than 22 sessions. Really thinking of taking the course so I can add that to my capabilities and preform this kind of job for others as well.

Outside and into the sun I go!

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