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Not on hiatus, just busy


Whoa, has it really been this long since I published something on this blog? I didn't know that. Anyway, today I was able to sleep in (till just past 9AM) thanks to Schattie who took it upon her to get the kids out of bed, fed and to school. Kisses she deserves!

Once I was up and dressed, I drove off to my old apartment to fill a couple of bags with things I no longer need - really, who realizes how much stuff they have, till the day they have to move it? - and to take apart the book cabinet and my desk. Schattie later joined me there 'coz her car is just a bit more practical to move stuff then mine, lol.

Came back home and installed the book cabinet and desk in the "office room" filled it up with most of my books. I don't think I brought them all though, as the shelves are (not yet) filled. Yeah, I've been an avid reader since I was ten or eleven, and - luckily for me - my parents never had a problem with it. They did monitor a bit what I wanted to read at that age, but rarely told me I couldn't read something, and they did have a ton of books for me to enjoy and delve into.

Just had the police at the door to check our address, so I take it once I take in all the documents, I've officially moved. Yay!

What a great start...

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I worked till 11h30 and then got my ass home as soon as possible, in order to meet with the telenet technician who was scheduled to arrive between 12h30 and 18h00. As I was in the car, I received a call from an unknown number on my cell phone : sure enough it was the telenet technician asking me whether I was home already. I explained I had been called to work, and wouldn't be there for another 30 minutes, but that was no problem.

Under 5 minutes after I arrived home, he pulled up and started working on getting everything installed. I must say, he did an excellent job, worked clean and tidy and worked fast. After getting everything installed, he explained what needed explaining and we even had a chat about network security and access to the modems he installs at customers.

I made sure that all the temporary passwords were changed ten minutes after he left and that I reconfigured my modem to be more secure. Not because I don't trust him, but I happen to like setting my things up myself, so I know they're secure.

Anyway, less then 5 hours after the install was completed and everything tested, I'm on the phone with support because I lost internet as well as my cable access - so... no TV either. Turns out that a rather large node has failed and put over a thousand customers out of service (internet, TV and phone combined). It took them an hour to fix it and get it back up.

I sure hope this ain't the start of a bunch of problems, coz I'll have it all taken out as fast as it was installed ;)

In and out

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Schattie is off to the coast with the kids, and I'm home alone. For those who think that means party time, I've got some bad news : it isn't.

Tomorrow afternoon the internet connection should be installed, so I'll have to be home and up for that. We started the front garden this weekend, as well as doing the "office" room, so there's plenty to paint.

Tomorrow morning I planned to sleep in - would be the first time in about three weeks or so - but the kid of a colleague is ill, so he can't make it to work. I'll work an early shift from 6AM till 11h30AM and then rush home to hopefully make it in time for the telenet technician to show up.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday is more work... on Sunday evening the familiy returns from the coast, but I'll probably only see them for about an hour or so before we all have things to do and places to be.

More updates later. I'm gonna quickly log in to facebook now to show people I'm still alive :)

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