37 : my age (thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!)
28 : the number of hours I've been awake right now (and counting)
10 : the number of days till we start the Big Move (2 locations to 1)
6 : the number of different addresses/locations I was today
2 : the number of computers I fixed today
1 : number of best friends I spent quality time with today (thanks mate!)

It's been a busy day, but with quite some tiles cut into the right size and placed already, the kitchen is starting to look good. Will need to complete it tomorrow (depending on the weather) and after I've worked on closing up the garage box. I sure hope to get that project finished tomorrow as well, but doubt it. I should get most of it done though (crosses fingers that nothing unforseen pops up).

I'll try to stay awake just a bit longer so I can get a more or less final draft ready for the garage box project tomorrow, but sitting down in the couch makes me soooo sleepy.

Note to Schattie : I love you. It may not always show, with all the stress and busy days, but you can be certain about it... I do!


Owner #2 of the computers you fixed, is very, very happy. Thank you very much for fixing the problem.

1 : number of best friends I spent quality time with today (thanks mate!)--> no problem!

we should do this more often, not just on birthdays!!
after you settled, we should plan those things!
family is important, but friendship,especially like ours over 17years now, is also important!!

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