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Lots of things have changed, especially related to work. Will update more when I have a stable internet connection (should be next week on Thursday).

Still unpacking, though Schattie has made a major dent in the number of boxes left to be unpacked. She rocks, and rocks my world.

6 days and counting

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On Saturday we took down a garden shed sized 3.2m x 3.2m. Mind you, one could do that by just picking up a sledge hammer and tearing it all down, but we didn't. We emptied it - man, you can't imagine how much stuff one can fit in such a shed! - and then labeled all parts and took it down piece by piece. In the mean time, Schattie was already transporting things to the new house, which means less to move on D-Day (in 6 days).

Don't worry though... there'll be plenty of things to handle, carry and move around still, so if you're "enlisted" to come help out next weekend, you'll have all the work you can do.

Today I finished the garage box project completely : it was finished on Friday, but some loose ends were still hanging about. I replaced some screws with nuts and bolts today (less chance of anyone getting injured) and filled the waste bag up some more. I took out close to 1 cubic meter of waste on Saturday, so today it was just the few remains I didn't spot earlier due to it getting too dark.

Note to helping hands : We'll send out a mail this week to let everyone know where to be and at what time.

It's getting very close now, and while we do look forward to it, it'll also be a very awkward and stressful day, so if anyone feels like they're getting their nose bitten off by us, don't take it personal : your help is much appreciated but there is so much to do and arrange that we may not always be as good a host as one would expect. We'll make it all up later, we promise :)



37 : my age (thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!)
28 : the number of hours I've been awake right now (and counting)
10 : the number of days till we start the Big Move (2 locations to 1)
6 : the number of different addresses/locations I was today
2 : the number of computers I fixed today
1 : number of best friends I spent quality time with today (thanks mate!)

It's been a busy day, but with quite some tiles cut into the right size and placed already, the kitchen is starting to look good. Will need to complete it tomorrow (depending on the weather) and after I've worked on closing up the garage box. I sure hope to get that project finished tomorrow as well, but doubt it. I should get most of it done though (crosses fingers that nothing unforseen pops up).

I'll try to stay awake just a bit longer so I can get a more or less final draft ready for the garage box project tomorrow, but sitting down in the couch makes me soooo sleepy.

Note to Schattie : I love you. It may not always show, with all the stress and busy days, but you can be certain about it... I do!

Shapes and colors


Today our new bed and cabinet turned up, yay. Sure enough it's still very much looking like a bunch of wood in carton boxes, but we know it's a bed and cabinet, or so we hope.

Should get it all unwrapped and installed this weekend. The house is really taking shape now and with Schattie giving the living room and kitchen their final colors, it's starting to look just wonderful!

Can't wait to really move in.

Off to bed now, got another early shift tomorrow :(

Too busy to blog

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Sorry for the total lack of updates on the blog, but life has caught up with me it seems. Spending all of our time decorating and fixing the new house, combined with work and two kids leaves little to no time to blog. It's all work, travel, work, eat and sleep, no time to play.

Working shifts again has seriously affected the plans we had made for the new house, and as such we've changed things around and adapted to the situation as well as possible.

I sure hope it'll all become more manageable at the start of April, though I don't really expect it to do so just yet. Could we ask for some peace and quiet in May maybe?

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