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Spent all day at the new house, tearing off wallpaper and trying to get the heating going, which in the end didn't happen. Even though it's not freezing cold outside and the place is rather well insulated, it was chilly to say the least. Working hard helped, but it was pretty cold still.

It seems the circulation pump on the heating has broken down, so we'll need to have that checked, confirmed and fixed, preferably before next weekend when the kids will be at the house as well. Small kids don't do that well in a chilly place.

More working in the house tomorrow, we'll be doing more grinding, tearing down wallpaper and cleaning out the garden. The painting is mostly Schattie's job, as she's pretty good at it, while I'll be taking care of wallpaper and garden duty. I also hope to be able to get some final notes on paper regarding building a storage level in the garage box, which will help us when we move to store things we don't really need every day, yet can't throw away (yet). All that, without losing any free parking space in the garage.

Off to bed now, need to take care of some other things now.

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