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It's been a busy few days.

Yesterday we signed all the paperwork to call our new house truly ours now, yay!
On Monday the heating problem was fixed and the leaky valve was planned to get fixed today, but that fell through due to some unforeseen problem called "snow".

I left for work at 06h45 and arrived at 10h30, which means I've spent 3h45 minutes just to get to work. It took me another 1h45 to get back home later. No fun, especially since I was (and still am) suffering from a serious case of diarrhea, and it was only thanks to the immodium I took this morning that I made it to work without erm... incidents. It was close though, so I popped in with the medics to score another one to get me through the day.

Last time I took 1 immodium, I didn't feel like using the toilet for 4 days. I'm on my 3rd already today, and it's still flying out as if I was a clay pigeon throwing machine. Either I'm getting used to the drug, or I've something that can't be subdued by it.

Due to all the traffic troubles, the heating technician texted me that he wouldn't make it today, but we're rescheduled for tomorrow.

While I was trying to get to and from work, Schattie managed to put up another layer of paint on the ceiling of Siebe's room, with two kids in tow that were quite energetic after being stuck in traffic on the way to school for two hours. It's quite an accomplishment to get a room painted that fast, let alone take care and look after a 5 and three year old at the same time. Multitasking at it's best!

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