Goddess and the Wussy


Managed to call a technician to come take a look at the heathing today and he even fixed it, woot! Apparently the circulation pump wasn't broken, just stuck really badly, but a bit of wiggling and a couple of thuds fixed that, so now hot water is flowing through the system as intended.

The leaky valve will be replaced/fixed on Wednesday, which would or should end the heating problem.

The seller - who was exposed to Schattie's wrath on the phone last night - has cleaned out most of the garden of his filth and rubbish as he promised, but he still left some things behind, which will need to be taken out as well. We'll handle that tomorrow while signing the final act though. Go Schattie (apparently she's a Goddess and I'm a Wussy)


Remember to ask the guy about the strange lighting installation in the upper back room. I'm quite qurious about it.

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