Castle, Swan, Excellent Food

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Just got back from a 2 day out with Schattie, which we spent at Bilderberg Chateau Holtmühle. Very pleasant stay, excellent food. Just a few oddities that we didn't let us bother too much though : Reserve the sauna from 3PM to 4PM and be told it's "private" and then have another couple walk in at 3h30. Turns out it wasn't "private at all". After the sauna we went swimming in the hotel swimming pool (which was rather small) and suddenly a local trainer turns up with 6 of his pupils for swimming class? Strange, guess that's the way Holland works, lol.

Did quite some shopping in Venlo - Tegelen itself where the Chateau is located has hardly anything worthwhile mentioning - and arrived at our temporary "home" with new shoes, clothes for her and I and something to eat.

It was a very nice and recommendable trip, that's for sure. When we were wondering what to do on Saturday, we opted not to go shopping again - we did so on Friday since the weather was too overcast to go walking - but came home to work some more in the new house.

That's it for now folks!

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Licensed Practical Nurse Kody would like to know that since you've had free time, Schattie has been to see the doctor about the blood sugar issues, RIGHT? This is important! Really, REALLY important!

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