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Bathrooms and Bedrooms

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Worked hard today and on Saturday. Had help - thanks! - and visitors to the new house - hey, hope you liked it!

Thanks to the help of B&H, as well as M, the Disney Castle in Yenthe's bedroom was completed, the old furniture and sinks in the bathroom was removed and two new cabinets were installed. Schattie covered the walls in our bedroom in a layer of painted and several more kitchen cabinets were cleaned and disinfected.

More wall paper was removed and everyone was working hard and it shows. The kids' bedrooms are almost finished and we are slowly moving away from the phase were you only tear things down and create a mess, towards a phase were you see things change and get finalized.

Still loads to do though and March will be a true challenge, especially with me being forced to work shifts again, which means less weekends or days we can work together in the new house :(

Went to see The book of Eli in the theater and liked it. Off to work some more, late shift this afternoon. If you wanna reach me, just call my mobile phone, I won't bother with putting my schedule online as I'll be at work all the time anyway (either at my job or in the house).

Castle, Swan, Excellent Food

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Just got back from a 2 day out with Schattie, which we spent at Bilderberg Chateau Holtmühle. Very pleasant stay, excellent food. Just a few oddities that we didn't let us bother too much though : Reserve the sauna from 3PM to 4PM and be told it's "private" and then have another couple walk in at 3h30. Turns out it wasn't "private at all". After the sauna we went swimming in the hotel swimming pool (which was rather small) and suddenly a local trainer turns up with 6 of his pupils for swimming class? Strange, guess that's the way Holland works, lol.

Did quite some shopping in Venlo - Tegelen itself where the Chateau is located has hardly anything worthwhile mentioning - and arrived at our temporary "home" with new shoes, clothes for her and I and something to eat.

It was a very nice and recommendable trip, that's for sure. When we were wondering what to do on Saturday, we opted not to go shopping again - we did so on Friday since the weather was too overcast to go walking - but came home to work some more in the new house.

That's it for now folks!

Quick update

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It's been a busy few days.

Yesterday we signed all the paperwork to call our new house truly ours now, yay!
On Monday the heating problem was fixed and the leaky valve was planned to get fixed today, but that fell through due to some unforeseen problem called "snow".

I left for work at 06h45 and arrived at 10h30, which means I've spent 3h45 minutes just to get to work. It took me another 1h45 to get back home later. No fun, especially since I was (and still am) suffering from a serious case of diarrhea, and it was only thanks to the immodium I took this morning that I made it to work without erm... incidents. It was close though, so I popped in with the medics to score another one to get me through the day.

Last time I took 1 immodium, I didn't feel like using the toilet for 4 days. I'm on my 3rd already today, and it's still flying out as if I was a clay pigeon throwing machine. Either I'm getting used to the drug, or I've something that can't be subdued by it.

Due to all the traffic troubles, the heating technician texted me that he wouldn't make it today, but we're rescheduled for tomorrow.

While I was trying to get to and from work, Schattie managed to put up another layer of paint on the ceiling of Siebe's room, with two kids in tow that were quite energetic after being stuck in traffic on the way to school for two hours. It's quite an accomplishment to get a room painted that fast, let alone take care and look after a 5 and three year old at the same time. Multitasking at it's best!

Goddess and the Wussy


Managed to call a technician to come take a look at the heathing today and he even fixed it, woot! Apparently the circulation pump wasn't broken, just stuck really badly, but a bit of wiggling and a couple of thuds fixed that, so now hot water is flowing through the system as intended.

The leaky valve will be replaced/fixed on Wednesday, which would or should end the heating problem.

The seller - who was exposed to Schattie's wrath on the phone last night - has cleaned out most of the garden of his filth and rubbish as he promised, but he still left some things behind, which will need to be taken out as well. We'll handle that tomorrow while signing the final act though. Go Schattie (apparently she's a Goddess and I'm a Wussy)

The weekend so far...

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Spent all day at the new house, tearing off wallpaper and trying to get the heating going, which in the end didn't happen. Even though it's not freezing cold outside and the place is rather well insulated, it was chilly to say the least. Working hard helped, but it was pretty cold still.

It seems the circulation pump on the heating has broken down, so we'll need to have that checked, confirmed and fixed, preferably before next weekend when the kids will be at the house as well. Small kids don't do that well in a chilly place.

More working in the house tomorrow, we'll be doing more grinding, tearing down wallpaper and cleaning out the garden. The painting is mostly Schattie's job, as she's pretty good at it, while I'll be taking care of wallpaper and garden duty. I also hope to be able to get some final notes on paper regarding building a storage level in the garage box, which will help us when we move to store things we don't really need every day, yet can't throw away (yet). All that, without losing any free parking space in the garage.

Off to bed now, need to take care of some other things now.

Long day, short entry


The following keywords can be used to describe our day :

kids - school - key - new house - shopping - work - doctors visit - hard work - afternoon - paint - wallpaper - removal - eye - pain - notary - emergency room - french fries - 21h30 - eye specialist - damaged cornea - bandage - eye drops - rest - 2 days off.

That's it for the time being. I'm tired and heading off to bed, once I get my totally exhausted Schattie awake and in bed.

Project(ile) vomiting

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After having an enjoyable day (see below, went ice skating with the kids) Siebe wasn't feeling too well, just past two. He got really ill and we ended up scrambling for a bucket. He wasn't the only one, just a couple of hours after we finished having Chinese food, I was feeling bloated and generally not well. Sure it could have been the food, but I doubt it. Just before we went to bed, I got ill and deposited all of my food into the toilet bowl, not following the regular exit though. After an hour or two in bed, the rest followed and I was running a fever.

Called in to work that I wouldn't make it, and I'm glad I did. I'm on the couch right now and feel weak, have trouble staying up and have a terrible headache to go with it.

Schattie has managed not to catch it (for now), and I sure hope she doesn't either. First day at the new office today and not feeling all that well, I don't envy her. Gonna give her a call later today or text her to see how she's doing.

Enough sitting up for me now, I'm gonna lay down and go back to feeling crap now. Laters!

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