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It seems all good news is rather quickly compensated by some bad news. We were able to convince the sellers of our new house to hand over the plans already and we hope to get the key on or before the 1st of February. The sale itself will be finalized on the 9th of February, so we should be able to get everything in order and ready before April 1st. Yes, I do know that seems like an eternity, but after having a look at what Schattie has planned, we'll need that time and maybe even more, though it shouldn't prevent us from actually moving in April 1st. Definitely exciting times, ain't it?

We'll be calling in help for sure, so if anyone is up for it, let us know. We'll need at least a painter for the kids' room and may need someone experienced in electricity to read the plans or check things around the house. I've got little to no experience with it.

Wednesday morning Schattie went to the clinic to have her blood sugar levels measured, but she was turned away before the testing even commenced. Apparently her sugar levels were so high they couldn't give her any more to actually perform the test. Off to the doctor we go again to have the reading verified and off to a specialist later to confirm or test further. As soon as I heard when she called me around 09:25AM, I went over to the paramedics at work to request some info and hear their opinion on things. Sure enough they said they couldn't give individual advice since they ain't doctors nor do they know the levels, but they were able to give me broad information about diabetes and what can or can't be done about it, but more importantly even, they were able to put me at ease that even though it is a serious illness, it is not totally life rupturing or altering. Food is still allowed, so is sugar or candy, fruit and exercise. Key is to measure regularly and know what a certain type of food or exercise will do to your blood sugar level and to anticipate.

Definitely things will change in all of our lives knowing this, but none of that scares me. I'm here to help, aid, love and take care of those I love.


just call for help amigo, you got my number !

Did I hear a soft call for B and me?
:-) Be assured, we are ready to help, whenever you need it.

You know very well that I would take care of the electrical part, you just have to ask it stupid!

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