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Had a wonderful evening and dinner thanks to Schattie. She managed to make it cozy and prepped a tasty meal and lovely experience, even though she was (and still is) suffering from whatever kept me down and out for the count for two days. Schattie, I love you! Wish you're feeling better soon though, I hate seeing you be ill and feel bad and there is so little I can do about it. I can be there for you, and I am, but still... it makes me cry.

On the 23rd whilst sitting down, my WoW authenticator broke :( The display cracked right in the middle and now I can't read the digits properly. Tried ordering a new one, but for that I need to be able to log in, which I can't. Now my account is locked out due to too many failed attempts :( Already sent off a ticket to the support team, but it'll probably take days before they get to it and help me out. Ah well... the authenticator idea is solid, but obviously it also has it's flaws...

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