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As good as it gets

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Had a wonderful evening and dinner thanks to Schattie. She managed to make it cozy and prepped a tasty meal and lovely experience, even though she was (and still is) suffering from whatever kept me down and out for the count for two days. Schattie, I love you! Wish you're feeling better soon though, I hate seeing you be ill and feel bad and there is so little I can do about it. I can be there for you, and I am, but still... it makes me cry.

On the 23rd whilst sitting down, my WoW authenticator broke :( The display cracked right in the middle and now I can't read the digits properly. Tried ordering a new one, but for that I need to be able to log in, which I can't. Now my account is locked out due to too many failed attempts :( Already sent off a ticket to the support team, but it'll probably take days before they get to it and help me out. Ah well... the authenticator idea is solid, but obviously it also has it's flaws...

Doc vs Doc


Doctor 1 : You're ill. I recommend you stay home till the 24th. Better don't risk infecting your colleagues.
Doctor 2 (who appeared at my door today) : You're fit to go to work. You can start again on the 24th.

Whatever. I kinda hope all my colleagues get ill and they have to shut the whole place down because no one shows up anymore. I wouldn't wish it onto them for the mere fact that I wish no one to feel as ill as I've been the past weekend, but the rebel in me yells "fuck it all".

Note : I don't really wish that things have to be shut down, or that everyone gets ill. So if that was the impression you had, get a new impression now, please :)

Life, as it shouldn't be


What do you do if everything hurts, your head seems to be filled with snot, you're coughing as if you smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for the past decade and your running a fever up to C39.7°?

You head off to bed and listen to your Schattie who declared : "if you're heading off to work on Monday instead of the doctors, I'll be very pissed."

Point taken, and right she was. I was still running a (slightly lower) fever this morning (only C38.2°) and the doc has written me a complete collection of meds that I'll be taking for the next couple of days. I'd rather be healthy and off to work, lemme tell you.

Schattie, thanks for getting through to me - finally, I admit - that I can't just keep on running around as if I can't get ill. I haven't been ill as much in the past 8 years as I've been in the past 2 months. Guess I'm catching up on my bacteria and viruses :(

Off to bed I go again... more rest is needed.

Loads of things to do

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Had quite a busy day at work, then went swimming with Schattie. We even behaved :)

Gotta give dad and Hil a call tomorrow, then we head off to the sauna for some relaxation. Have one mail to sent, one to reply to, and some shopping left to be done. When will I do all that? There's only 24 hours in a day!



Spent some time today taking the kids for a bus ride into town, did a bit of shopping - still need some things though - and then got home and got the x-mas tree unwrapped and installed. Schattie turned the plain green tree into a wonderful red x-mas tree, with just the right amount of ornaments. Not too little, not too much.

Kids are just off to bed - tad bit late but the decorating of the tree took a bit longer then expected - and now we're relaxing a bit. Tomorrow we're off to J&E's to celebrate A's birthday.

Thursday, Friday, Weekend

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Got out of bed around 10, after answering the phone twice (once work related to ask whether I could fill in for a colleague this weekend - no, I can't. Got festivities to attend, second time it was the dentist to see if I could come in earlier as her previous appointment had forgotten about it), and headed off to the dentist where I spent no less than 4 hours in the chair, only interrupted bt a very brief toilet break because I couldn't hold it any longer.

As I walked out just past three, we all went to the swimming pool (with "all" I'm referring to Schattie, the kids and I, not my dentist) for a swim. It was fun and the kids had a blast, but after about 45 minutes they were both shivering and cold, so we got out and took a warm shower and headed home for food. First food I had all day apart from a tiny slice of leftover pizza I had this morning. Schattie makes a very nice couscous dish, let me tell you. Not nearly as good as her lasagna, but then again, there's little that can even compete with that...

Rammstein and Combichrist was excellent last night, loved the show. Made some photographs with my mobile phone, if I don't forget to pick up my charger on Sunday, I may even remember to post them somewhere.

Saturday we'll do so more shopping and generally hang around and entertain the kids, Sunday we're off to a birthday party.


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* For my Schattie to get home
* For pizza order to arrive (hopefully after she gets home)
* For the Rammstein/Combichrist concert to start (20h30)
* To sleep in tomorrow (till 9AM or so, not much later)

Today I went to Nipacenter for my 3rd session, before that I did some x-mas shopping for various people, later I went out and fixed a computer and laptop for someone. Yeah, I've been keeping busy :)

Chew on this

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It's just past 8AM, helped Schattie to get the kids ready for school, made them all sandwiches and such, then waved them out. Took the trash out, as well as old paper and am now preparing myself to get my day started. First off to the bank to get the mortgage sorted out and signed, then off to the dentist for my first appointment.

Providing I will be able to actually chew food in the hours after, I'll cook a hearty meal. If it proves challenging, I'll opt for a soup with bread and vegetables instead I think. Off I go, my day calls!

This and next week

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So... what are the plans for today and the next couple of days? Tonight I'm heading out for dinner with my sister, while Schattie goes Jazz-dancing. What she doesn't know though, is that I'll be heading over there to come see her train, which she'll hopefully like.

Tomorrow she's off to see Clouseau in concert with some friends (I'll be driving them to and from the concert), and on Saturday we hope to sleep in - it's becoming a necessity after days of hardly enough sleep - and then go shopping for presents. Saturday evening we're off to a play (comedy) and on Sunday we plan to sleep in more and then celebrate Saint-Nicolas with the kids around 5PM. Somewhere in between those two activities laundry needs to be done, as well as ironing and cleaning.

Monday is the start of a new week of work, though I'll be off for 3 days. Tuesday, I'm heading off to the dentist, Wednesday work calls again, Thursday I have an appointment at Nipacenter and we're heading off to the Rammstein concert in the evening, followed by another dentist appointment on Friday. There are no hard plans for Saturday yet, but I imagine we'll be entertaining the kids, or vice versa. On Sunday we're off to J&E to celebrate Alex's birthday.

Somewhere in between all that, I imagine new things will pop up randomly and be taken care of as well.

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