Spareribs, tight asses and dresses


Saturday, after working an early shift, I met with my Schattie and headed off to an unknown destination. Unknown to her that is, I knew perfectly well where I was driving to. Quite a few weeks ago - at Sinner's Day to be precise - I noticed a small clothing shop where I thought she'd find some clothes to her liking. Especially one tight fitted dress looked nice, but I decided not to gamble and buy her something she may not like, or something that doesn't fit.

Instead, I planned on taking her to Maastricht to visit the shop itself, so she could feel the fabric, try on the clothes,...

So, off to Maastricht we went. It was a bit of a hurry because we were only able to leave around three PM, but we made it to the shop in time. Unfortunately, the dress was sold, and the other clothes were a bit too extravagant or unsuitable for everyday wear. They probably would fit at a vampire party, but we don't go there all that often, so it would be a waste.

Luckily, we walked into Wonder Woman, where we picked up a dress that suited her just perfectly. I could try to describe the dress itself, but I'll let it speak for itself when she wears it. One tip of the veil I can lift though : her perfect ass looks superb in it ;)

After the shopping - we also picked up some things at The Body Shop - we had a nice sparerib meal at Gauchos. Yummy, yummy!

Enough talking now, I'm gonna finish the x-mas gifts lists and send those out, once I finished inputting a bunch of bills into my online banking tool. Hope there's some money left after paying all those bills, lol.


You better make sure she wears it at the Christmas party. I wanna make sure my son's taste is good enough :)

I may be able to give a little hint, when it comes to her wardrobe, but that's about as far as it goes. Schattie is quite capable of picking her own clothes and look stylish without my advice - and let's all be happy about it, you know I'm not the most stylish person myself :)

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