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Phew, really

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Luckily I was able to convince a colleague to fill in for me on the 26th. I'll still have to work the 27th, but it's better as nothing, right?

Fun times and bad schedules

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Had a very busy but enjoyable weekend. It's been fun meeting up with old friends, have friends/family over for dinner and visit a show with the kids, who had a blast. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, so before I realize it fully, I'll be starting yet another work week.

I also received my work schedule for December and once again the fools manage to fuck up my social life in a major way. After having a X-mas party with the family on the 25th, I'm supposed to go work an early shift on the 26th. Right, that ain't happening.

I'll be talking to the planning supervisor tomorrow, and if that fails, take my griefs further up the chain of command. I'm getting really fed up with being a puppet on a string. I didn't really care much for it the past 8 years, but now that I've got a fantastic family, I wanna spend time doing fun things with them, opposed to working early, late or night shifts on the weekend.

So far, all the weekends I was scheduled to work were the few weekends that I had the opportunity to sleep in with my Schattie and get out of bed whenever we want. I won't let some crap schedule interfere with it on the 26th!

Spareribs, tight asses and dresses


Saturday, after working an early shift, I met with my Schattie and headed off to an unknown destination. Unknown to her that is, I knew perfectly well where I was driving to. Quite a few weeks ago - at Sinner's Day to be precise - I noticed a small clothing shop where I thought she'd find some clothes to her liking. Especially one tight fitted dress looked nice, but I decided not to gamble and buy her something she may not like, or something that doesn't fit.

Instead, I planned on taking her to Maastricht to visit the shop itself, so she could feel the fabric, try on the clothes,...

So, off to Maastricht we went. It was a bit of a hurry because we were only able to leave around three PM, but we made it to the shop in time. Unfortunately, the dress was sold, and the other clothes were a bit too extravagant or unsuitable for everyday wear. They probably would fit at a vampire party, but we don't go there all that often, so it would be a waste.

Luckily, we walked into Wonder Woman, where we picked up a dress that suited her just perfectly. I could try to describe the dress itself, but I'll let it speak for itself when she wears it. One tip of the veil I can lift though : her perfect ass looks superb in it ;)

After the shopping - we also picked up some things at The Body Shop - we had a nice sparerib meal at Gauchos. Yummy, yummy!

Enough talking now, I'm gonna finish the x-mas gifts lists and send those out, once I finished inputting a bunch of bills into my online banking tool. Hope there's some money left after paying all those bills, lol.

What's the latest news?

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Is there anything new really? Well, yes, I suppose.

On Wednesday Schattie and I signed an agreement to purchase a new home in the neighborhood of where she is living now. It means I'll be living about 5-6 km's further from work, but that is not impossible to overcome. For those that were not as up to date or informed as some others were, this may come as a big surprise, but for us it ain't. Though it is kind of exciting, that I admit.

Later this afternoon I'll be heading off to the dentist to get my molar fixed. Wednesday night I woke up with a terrible headache and tooth pain, and even an aspirin did nothing for me. Which in itself is a surprise as I hardly ever use medicines which makes them that much more efficient. I called my regular dentist, whom gladly offered to see me on Tuesday evening at seven thirty. Right. Imagine called your doctor to get a broken arm set and plastered and hearing that you can get an appointment in 5 days. Luckily Schattie's dentist was able to squeeze me in today to get it looked at. I'm not looking forward to getting needled, drugged, sedated, cut, drilled and filed, but if that is what it takes to get the problem fixed.... gladly.

Tomorrow I'll start working two early shifts (Saturday/Sunday) followed by 5 regular day shifts. Yeah, it's so not in line to regulations but my employer doesn't seem to care about those too much. I'll definitely keep that in mind for later.

On the 3rd I'll be having an evening out (food, drinks and conversation) with my little sister, which will be fun for sure. We should try to see each other more often but with two agendas filled to the brim it's hard sometimes.

That's it for now people. I'll go figure out what the correct address is for the dentist and what meal I'll be cooking tonight. I'm leaning towards a turkey roll with baked potatoes and a gravy, but haven't settled for it yet.

Halloween has passed, right?

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Spent most of the day studying for tomorrow's exam, but took a break to go shopping for food. In 15 minutes I'm off to pick up the kids from school.

I cleaned up the place a bit, did some transfers from one bank account to another - will be simplifying things even more (less accounts) on Thursday when I meeting with my banker - and cut and cleaned half a pumpkin from which I'll be cooking soup after I return from picking up the kids. Got the onion and paprika's ready to cut, so unless I mess things up in a major way, soup should be ready around five PM. Cross fingers, first time that I'm doing pumpkin soup, lol.


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Just finished my training course, with one examination left on Wednesday, which happens to be the most difficult topic : rules, regulations and laws concerning security. I did quite well on two exams so far : cultures and diversity was rather easy according to me, so I scored a straight 10/10 and today we wrapped up our first aid course (20 hours) where I scored a 91/100 on theory and 100/100 on the practical exam (reanimation).

If I do as well on the exam on Wednesday, I'll be one happy camper.


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Even though I know I've got family and friends I can call upon for pretty much anything I'd need, it's wonderful to see it happen as well. Dad, this one's for you, from us : thanks.

Oven fried chicken in a Parmesan crust


The chili con carne was quite enjoyable, and we've put two small containers in the freezer to enjoy when there is less time to cook. Today I cooked my love a meal consisting of spinach with a touch of boursin and garlic draped over a tagliatelle dish and oven fried chicken in a slightly spiced up Parmesan crust. It was a long shot combining two dishes I hadn't cooked before, but it seems it worked well.

I think the spinach should be replaced by freshly cut and cooked spinach next time though, as it is just a bit more tasty and better suited to create zones, tastes and colors on a plate.

I hardly ever cooked for myself the past 8 years, but when cooking for my Schattie, I enjoy doing it providing I have the time and space. Yeah, that still hasn't changed a bit : when I'm cooking, get out of the way, out of the kitchen and only come back or in when called for.

Kicking the day off

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For it being the one day off this week for me, I'm up early. I've already vacuumed the downstairs and will be cooking up a storm later. Well, either a storm or a fine meal, I'm not sure yet. I plan on making a nice chili con carne dish, but don't really know how to start and what to serve with it. Guess I'll be surfing around for recipes soon :)

If you happen to know the best ever recipe to make chili con carne, feel free to post it in a comment, or leave a link should it be on the internet somewhere, thanks!

More updates later, maybe.

Update : We've just received some very exciting news to say the least. I will not share it here for the time being, but a very select group of people may be getting a phone call in the next couple of days.

Work, Republishing and Meals

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Working late shifts again, at least for now, two weekends in November I'll be working early shifts as well. Can't imagine the joy that was spread when that news was announced. Not too pleased with it, and will definitely take the current lack of proper scheduling into account if (or when) the question is raised "do I wish to continue working like this?".

Went looking for some real estate today, and found something we both rather liked, or at least agreed that it had plenty of opportunity to make it into something where we could settle nicely. The next couple of days will tell us whether or not we can, should or could go through with it, so consider that to get a sequel in the coming days, weeks or months.

I've also decided to republish a couple of posts that had been "unpublished" a while ago, in order to avoid uncalled for attention. It's not that I think the commotion in itself was wrong or unwanted, but I was not interested in becoming the center of some part of it myself. Now if you want to go hunt down what it is or was all about, be my guest. If I cared whether or not people knew, or wanted to keep it all quiet, I wouldn't have written about it in the first place, would I?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and sometimes they match, and sometimes they don't. Should you decide to dislike me for something I decided in the past, that's your loss, not mine. Just give it a good thought or ask me how I came to decide as I did and you may see it my way.

Enough writing for now, just had an excellent meal - prepared by my Schattie - and I'm heading off to bed to cuddle and get some sleep. See ya folks!

Note : to all the cutting edge readers that end up at this blog due to them linking Front 242 to, I excuse myself. Yes I'm an avid Front 242 fan. Yes, I was at the Sinner's Day festival and enjoyed the Front 242 gig, but I can't help that they linked to my url instead of the correct site. So everyone that was looking for the official Front 242 site, it's! Go there now, or keep on reading here.

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