Helpdesk slaves, aarrgghh shoot them!

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Lost the DSL connection around 17h00 on Sunday, hasn't been up since. Called Base helpdesk, they check my number then ask what type of modem I have. I give them the brand and number, they reply they don't know it.

Next question : "what lights are lit on the modem?"
My answer : "Don't know, ain't home right now, but got DSL signal active for sure"
Next question : "please call us back when you're home, we need to know what lights are on"
My answer : "Who cares? I know DSL signal led is on and you don't know the modem anyway, so what help is it if you know what lights are on?"
Their response : "We really need to know. Please call us back later, when you're home".
My response : "Right, will do". (I was actually thinking : "Fuck you, connect me to the techy guys already and let them figure it out". Boo me, really.)

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LOL That's how it works at helpdesks. I hate helpdesks!

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