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Sombrero's, Corona and Spanish Fly

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Yesterday afternoon I left work because I was feeling pretty ill. It had been brewing for a couple of days to be honest, but I decided to inform people that I would be going home before things went really bad. After a visit to the doctors later that afternoon, it turned out that three out of four of us are suffering from some kind of flu - whether or not it is the Mexican variant is unclear, more tests would be needed - so we all got to stay home. To me it doesn't really matter if it's Mexican, Bird, or Spanish flu, they - at least I assume - all make a patient feel equally bad.

Spent most of the evening and afternoon in bed, not doing dirty but oh so pleasant things, feeling like crap. Slept till 10h30 this morning and feeling a tad bit better, though I've got a headache (still) and my nose and head feel as if they're stuffed with cotton balls. No fun. Hope that I'll feel better soon, I'd rather have fun with the family or be at work than be home ill.

Maybe more later, after I've had some more rest. Chill!

PS : I'm not allowed to leave the house, so no running around for me, and since the flu is rather contagious, no visitors either I suppose.


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Trips for today include : Westende -> Deurne -> Pulderbos -> Deurne -> Mechelen.

The first leg of the trip is already completed, as I met up with Joco on Deurne to give him the work-out bench and weights, then went voting against the Lange Wapper bridge, and soon I'll be off to Pulderbos to troubleshoot a fluke with a linksys router. After that, back here to pick things up, then off to Mechelen to meet up with my love again.

Weekends like this are the reason there is so little activity on the blog nowadays, it's not that there is nothing going on, I just don't get to the point of actually writing and sharing.

Oh, as I'm blogging anyway, we were in Plopsaland yesterday and the kids had a blast - as we all did I think. We were asked to help look out for the Thieves that stole Mega Mindy's DVD by some "police officers" at the entrance and in the park, and the kids happily obliged and searched for clues while enjoying the various rides. Fun Fun Fun!

Note : in the past three months I've spent more time at the Belgian Coast than I did the past 25 years.

The weekend awaits

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When things go wrong, you can blame the world, blame the cause or you can shrug it off and realize that there's more to life then cries and woes. That's what I usually do, so when I drove all the way home to meet up with someone that ended up calling in that he wouldn't be coming over after all, I shrugged it off. Those things happen - there's plenty of time to meet up again later. Was I not a little pissed? Well, I was, but only for a couple of seconds. Sometimes things don't exactly go as planned, but such is life and what makes it interesting.

Won't be all that reachable over the weekend - relaxing is key - but back to work on Monday.

Helpdesk slaves, aarrgghh shoot them!

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Lost the DSL connection around 17h00 on Sunday, hasn't been up since. Called Base helpdesk, they check my number then ask what type of modem I have. I give them the brand and number, they reply they don't know it.

Next question : "what lights are lit on the modem?"
My answer : "Don't know, ain't home right now, but got DSL signal active for sure"
Next question : "please call us back when you're home, we need to know what lights are on"
My answer : "Who cares? I know DSL signal led is on and you don't know the modem anyway, so what help is it if you know what lights are on?"
Their response : "We really need to know. Please call us back later, when you're home".
My response : "Right, will do". (I was actually thinking : "Fuck you, connect me to the techy guys already and let them figure it out". Boo me, really.)

Life - Work - Play

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First day in the new team proved to be quite busy and made us all deal with tons of people that came unprepared or not packing the right documents. I don't really understand that you present yourself at your new job and not have everything on you that's required, but maybe I'm just too much of a nitwit.

Anyway, this morning apparently I was expected to work the early shift, but as I worked a day shift yesterday I didn't. They called another colleague to fill in for me, and I've agreed to work it tomorrow. The way the schedule is made up these days is just too funky to describe in words. I hope that it'll all be settled soon because the idea was to have more of a regular life, not less.

I plan to finish installing and patching this laptop, then have food and enjoy the rest of the day. Yesterday evening and this morning were very enjoyable, I hope to have much more of these moments and days in the future, and I think I will.

@Hilda : it's not really a promotion, but rather a change of department/team for the next three months.

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