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I just got home, hoping to be able to revive the Zyxel 650 ADSL modem that I got from Joco yesterday, but it seems the firmware is no longer available anywhere (not even on the Zyxel FTP server). Last night I already contacted the Zyxel support team by mail, but I don't expect to have an answer anytime soon. Too bad, as it would allow me to update the modem, test it and hopefully configure it so it can be used next week. I did manage to get access to the configuration page, so at least I know what firmware version is on the device right now (note to myself : V3.40(IS.2) | 6/16/2003).

Something that irks me more though is that one of my desktop machines constantly loses it's connection (it's a wired one, the wireless connection on the laptop I'm using right now is working just fine) and it worked splendid last night before I shut it down. I'll have to figure out what is wrong with it before I can even start working on everything I had planned for the day. Too bad. I already popped the cable into another machine which connects fine over it, so I suspect it's the NIC itself which would totally suck as it's on the motherboard and I don't think I've got a spare one laying around.

I could try swapping the port on the router just to see if that ain't borked, but if it was, the laptop shouldn't be able to connect either. Man, this really sucks.

Update : connection seems restored after unplugging and replugging the cable on the router side. No clue why it failed there, must have been a fluke.

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