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@Dimi : so far no extra information on the "stabbed in the back" post, so I'm starting to believe that I'm not affected/included at all. Which would be good.

I've just downgraded my internet access which will save me 16 euro a month. Not really all that much, but I no longer have the need for the top of the bill access with every possible option there is. I once had, but that time has been long gone. In fact, I should have downgraded about a year ago, but I never got round to it. After searching the online support pages for my provider, it turned out that you can upgrade through their eServices, but you can't downgrade. Sneaky, ain't it? I called their support line and after punching myself through a seemingly infinite number of menu's I finally reached an operator that called herself Elke, and she handled my request very professionally and swiftly. Thanks.

Got word from my current employer that they'll be sending me on a course in November. Finally, I suppose. That is, if they don't cancel it last minute as they did before. Not looking forward to a (possibly) boring course, but am looking forward to getting all my certifications in order once again. If I don't follow that 1 week course this year, I'll get stuck with a 3 week course next year, which I don't intend on settling for.


16 euro/month doesn't seem much. But many bits make a lot, right?

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