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After finally getting the DSL line up and running yesterday afternoon, this morning I grab my laptop and notice a small pin laying on the ground. Immediately I know that it's the pin that's needed to put juice in the laptop. If it was the external connector, I wouldn't really care as it's easy enough to replace, but now it's the internal connecting pin that's broken, and I doubt I'll be able to replace or fix it that easily. I don't mind opening up the laptop itself - warranty is long gone - but finding a replacement part could prove impossible.

Work related news now : I've been asked to help out another section for the next three months and after some calculations to verify the financial side of things, as well as talking through the upcoming changes with those that matter to me, I've confirmed that I'll be joining them starting Friday next week. I'll sure miss my colleagues and working with them, but I'm also looking forward to a new challenge and competences to be acquired.

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Congratulations with your promotion!

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