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A longer post...

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After finally getting the DSL line up and running yesterday afternoon, this morning I grab my laptop and notice a small pin laying on the ground. Immediately I know that it's the pin that's needed to put juice in the laptop. If it was the external connector, I wouldn't really care as it's easy enough to replace, but now it's the internal connecting pin that's broken, and I doubt I'll be able to replace or fix it that easily. I don't mind opening up the laptop itself - warranty is long gone - but finding a replacement part could prove impossible.

Work related news now : I've been asked to help out another section for the next three months and after some calculations to verify the financial side of things, as well as talking through the upcoming changes with those that matter to me, I've confirmed that I'll be joining them starting Friday next week. I'll sure miss my colleagues and working with them, but I'm also looking forward to a new challenge and competences to be acquired.


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Got a stable DSL connection at my disposal now, so updates will be more regular soon. Have a few bits of news to write about as well, so stay tuned. More later (tomorrow?)

Something stinks

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I just got home, hoping to be able to revive the Zyxel 650 ADSL modem that I got from Joco yesterday, but it seems the firmware is no longer available anywhere (not even on the Zyxel FTP server). Last night I already contacted the Zyxel support team by mail, but I don't expect to have an answer anytime soon. Too bad, as it would allow me to update the modem, test it and hopefully configure it so it can be used next week. I did manage to get access to the configuration page, so at least I know what firmware version is on the device right now (note to myself : V3.40(IS.2) | 6/16/2003).

Something that irks me more though is that one of my desktop machines constantly loses it's connection (it's a wired one, the wireless connection on the laptop I'm using right now is working just fine) and it worked splendid last night before I shut it down. I'll have to figure out what is wrong with it before I can even start working on everything I had planned for the day. Too bad. I already popped the cable into another machine which connects fine over it, so I suspect it's the NIC itself which would totally suck as it's on the motherboard and I don't think I've got a spare one laying around.

I could try swapping the port on the router just to see if that ain't borked, but if it was, the laptop shouldn't be able to connect either. Man, this really sucks.

Update : connection seems restored after unplugging and replugging the cable on the router side. No clue why it failed there, must have been a fluke.

Several updates


@Dimi : so far no extra information on the "stabbed in the back" post, so I'm starting to believe that I'm not affected/included at all. Which would be good.

I've just downgraded my internet access which will save me 16 euro a month. Not really all that much, but I no longer have the need for the top of the bill access with every possible option there is. I once had, but that time has been long gone. In fact, I should have downgraded about a year ago, but I never got round to it. After searching the online support pages for my provider, it turned out that you can upgrade through their eServices, but you can't downgrade. Sneaky, ain't it? I called their support line and after punching myself through a seemingly infinite number of menu's I finally reached an operator that called herself Elke, and she handled my request very professionally and swiftly. Thanks.

Got word from my current employer that they'll be sending me on a course in November. Finally, I suppose. That is, if they don't cancel it last minute as they did before. Not looking forward to a (possibly) boring course, but am looking forward to getting all my certifications in order once again. If I don't follow that 1 week course this year, I'll get stuck with a 3 week course next year, which I don't intend on settling for.


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I wanted to quickly finish leveling my warlock to 36 - only 10k XP to go - but Kazzak is full as usual and there's a 450 player queue. Guess it'll have to wait, coz I'm prepping for work and after that I'll be off for a couple of days.

Sorry about the scarce updates here, but for the time being, that's they way it is, and I'm not sure it'll change anytime soon.

Hugs and kisses to all that deserve it,


A new month

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September is just peeking around the corner and for me expresses Fall. Kids everywhere will be waking up for the first day of school, a bunch of regulations will change and that's all I can be arsed to write right now, lol. It's too early!

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