Stabbed in the back?


Recently it has come to my ears that an official complaint has been launched against no less than 17 colleagues at work. Whether or not I'm one of those is uncertain for the time being, but so far I haven't received any registered letters, or had police officers turning up at my doorstep. Neither was I contacted by my former employer about missing items or things that were not returned.

Yes, apparently it is that serious. Two of my colleagues have already been questioned by police and I expect others to receive the same treatment shortly. What is most amazing, is that this complaint is being launched by our former employer, over 6 months after we've stopped being employed by them. I would suspect that if they had a real case, they'd have filed a complaint within days, not several months later.

Anyway, after talking with one of the colleagues that was already questioned, it turn out that it's practically impossible to answer any question or make a statement when you're not allowed to inform yourself about the actual complaint and specific charges. Hence, should police turn up here, or contact me, I'll be refusing to make any statement but "talk to my lawyer". Which I don't have, lol.

So if anyone knows a good lawyer that is licensed in Belgium and knowledgeable in employment law and security in specific, feel free to forward their contact information to me, just in case. I'd prefer one that is affordable :)

While the fact remains that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, even the slightest hint of investigation can cause serious issues in our line of employment, especially when there are clearances to be renewed, courses to be followed etc.

I'll keep you all updated if I can, either privately or right here on the blog, depending on how the situation evolves.


That sounds seriously ...

Hi, any news about this? Hope you, they didn't suspect you in any way.

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