It's been a while since I was able to post an entry here, which is not due to lack of things happening in my life, but rather due to loads of things going on right now. I've been experiencing quite some things I had no or little prior experience with, and as such, this observation wraps it up nicely I suppose :

As a non-parent, most things in life are easy - just a few things are complex. Once kids are involved, everything becomes complex. Even the complex issues you faced while being a non-parent now suddenly seem easy and trivial.

Enough observations for now though : here is what I plan on getting done today :

- laundry (in progress)
- pack stuff (in progress)
- visit and relax in sauna (not my regular one though)
- play wow (commencing shortly)
- check, prepare and update my photo gallery (postponed)
- upgrade the blog installation (completed)

Oh, since I have limited internet access these days, I do read my mail, but can't post blog entries from the phone (yet). Until I get that issue resolved, I suggest you follow me on twitter because - since "peep" is an excellent twitter client on the HTC Hero - I'm using it to update my whereabouts every now and then. (@friedkitten)


yeps: nothing new to me, kids make life complex, but they sure make life worth living, for sure the last couple of days they keep me alive!!!

I like when you write things in your native tongue. Because I don't understand it, I get to make up meanings for it... For instance, this phrase "Effe rusten. Rug nor de klooten. Zen gen 18 niemeer." translates into "F*%! Rusty Wallace. My rug is not on the kitchen floor. I am 18 again, neener neener neener!"

It's fun!

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