Exhausted but not complaining

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With the ongoing intense heat I'm really suffering and it's starting to affect my everyday performance and mood. When I can usually keep room temperatures relatively cool so I can get some sleep, I can't do all that now. The heatwave is not the only reason I'm not getting enough sleep though, my mind is processing a ton of new information and feelings every second and that too is wearing me out.

Taking a break or a pause is not something I'm even considering, because others are in an even worse shape and need all the mental and physical support they can get.

Would I do it again, had I known all this upfront? You betcha. In a second I'd make the same decision over and over again if I needed. Sometimes you face rough weather, but as long as the boat is sturdy and manned by a dedicated crew, you'll sail through to calmer waters eventually. And I'm dedicated, let there be no doubt about that.

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Every cloud has a silver lining, so your boat will get through this storm!

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