Talks, booze and lazers

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Had my first session at nipacenter today and feeling a bit under the weather now. I was told that it would be possible to run a little fever overnight due to my body suddenly being asked to get rid of a whole lot of waste products, and I guess this is how I respond to it.

My back aches (doesn't hurt though, but feels as if I've been working in the garden all day long, bending and lifting things), I've got a light headache and I'm sweaty as hell. All of that occurred within 2 hours of finishing the session. I'm sure I'll be feeling much better after a good night's rest. More updates tomorrow if nothing more important is up.

Had a very nice evening with J&M and little T. Excellent food, home brewed limoncello - M. described it as more fluid as the commercial brands, a bit heftier on the alcohol, but definitely nice and drinkable. He had a few, lol - and good long talks. Excellent evening and company!

Nighty night people!

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