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Today I drove about 400km to spend the evening with the family and have a nice get together, and it was worth it. Bit tired now though, so I'll be off to bed soon (after taking out the trash).

While with my family I told them all about what's currently going on in my life and they were all pretty happy for me, which was fabulous. I can't really say that their reaction surprised me, but I still would like to let everyone know that they are fabulous. Word.

This week will consist mainly of working night shifts, sleeping during the day, cleaning up the apartment a bit more, hopefully picking up my HTC Hero (scrap that, once again delayed, now to July 24th!), a trip to Nipacenter for a consultation and having an awesome Saturday evening/night.

If you lack updates for the rest of the week, just assume I'm doing all of the things listed above :)

Update : Already cleaned the toilet (100%) and have done a part of the bathroom (60% completed). Off to do some shopping now, night shift later. Tomorrow I plan to finish the bathroom and hall, then start on the bedroom.

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