Lemons, To Do Lists and Booze


Without falling asleep so far, I was able to accomplish most of my long list of things to wrap up today. Some of it I postponed till tomorrow, but other things I already finished while I had planned to tackle those on Saturday. I'm pretty pleased with myself :)

Got my consultancy done at nipacenter and will be starting a first session (of 6 to 8 in total) on Thursday. If you want to know what exactly I'm getting done, feel free to ask, you may just get an answer.

I also finished my first batch of home made Limoncello! Even though it was still lukewarm, I already had a tiny sample and the taste seems excellent to me. When it's properly chilled - close to frozen - it should be sublime. I think Joco and Eef may be the first one's to give it a try on Sunday when they drop off Whiskey.

I think I've got enough references to booze in one post... blog to you all later!


Yes, I want to know what "high-tech beauty" procedure you're having done!

Check thy mail Ash, and thou shall know :)

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