Calls in the wee hours


I walked back into the building when my colleague immediately told me that I had just missed two calls on my mobile. Not that many people have my mobile number - I keep it relatively private - so when I'm being called on it, I know something is up. Especially when being called at 04:13 - the wee hours of a Sunday morning.

Spent close to 30 minutes mostly listening, only speaking when I had something to say. I do very well realize that this once again is one of those vague posts that only one or two people will be able to understand, but for the time being, that's how it is. Something finally happened and I suppose it's a step towards something else, but for the time being I have no clue whether it is for better or worse, and even the definition of better and worse entirely depend on whom you ask.


Luckily we have a long weekend coming up. Talking time! :-)

You should know by now that I usually keep things for myself pretty well till there's something solid to talk about, so I wouldn't count on it yet.

However, should there be something to share, you'll be one of the first to know :)

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