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Packing up and moving

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Helping a friend move, so it'll be a long day packing things, lifting boxes, moving boxes and unpacking them again, resulting in total chaos in at least two places. I can't say that I'm looking forward to it - moving is always a bit of hell - but in the end the hard work will pay off.

Gotta run!

(Hoping it doesn't get as hot outside as is predicted)



Had quite a good and relatively long night of quality sleep tonight, so I'm feeling much more alive now. Unfortunately, the four-legged monster named Whiskey also is full of energy and is once again racing through the apartment. I think he'll be happy when he gets to go outside again :)

Off to work now...

Lazy Friday

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I've updated my schedule for the coming month of August. Didn't accomplish much more today apart from running the dishwasher - I won.

My head is firmly attached to my neck, my heart is beating solidly in my chest, yet both mind and heart are distracted and so far out of it that they may run into the Star Trek crew, boldly going where no man has gone before.

Early shift tomorrow so I won't make it all that late tonight.

Talks, booze and lazers

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Had my first session at nipacenter today and feeling a bit under the weather now. I was told that it would be possible to run a little fever overnight due to my body suddenly being asked to get rid of a whole lot of waste products, and I guess this is how I respond to it.

My back aches (doesn't hurt though, but feels as if I've been working in the garden all day long, bending and lifting things), I've got a light headache and I'm sweaty as hell. All of that occurred within 2 hours of finishing the session. I'm sure I'll be feeling much better after a good night's rest. More updates tomorrow if nothing more important is up.

Had a very nice evening with J&M and little T. Excellent food, home brewed limoncello - M. described it as more fluid as the commercial brands, a bit heftier on the alcohol, but definitely nice and drinkable. He had a few, lol - and good long talks. Excellent evening and company!

Nighty night people!


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I feel like I should be writing something here, but I just can't find the right words. Maybe later, maybe not...

Update : the word I was looking for was "emotional". I'm feeling a bit better now, though these are very difficult times and they may get worse before it gets better. I'm definitely looking forward to the 'get better' part.

Lazy weekend

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Having a delicious home-made fruit salad containing pineapple, melon, red berries, banana and grapes. Next salad will also have mango mixed into it.

Plan to relax on the couch for the rest of the day/evening and entertain (or be entertained by) the four legged monster named Whiskey that will be be staying at my place for a while. Looking forward to the company, not looking forward to the hair :)

Refreshingly hot

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I don't know what it is, but I've been sweating like crazy today - yesterday as well to be honest. It's overcast outside so the sun only peeks through the clouds every now and then, yet I experience the air temperature as hardly refreshing.

I just popped an Aquarius Green Splash into the freezer to quickly cool it and I'll be drinking that in a couple of minutes. If that fails - even if it doesn't - I'll be heading towards a lukewarm to cold shower after that. If that doesn't do the trick, the next step is migrating to the Arctic I suppose.

Oooh, icecream! Maybe that'll help :)

Lemons, To Do Lists and Booze


Without falling asleep so far, I was able to accomplish most of my long list of things to wrap up today. Some of it I postponed till tomorrow, but other things I already finished while I had planned to tackle those on Saturday. I'm pretty pleased with myself :)

Got my consultancy done at nipacenter and will be starting a first session (of 6 to 8 in total) on Thursday. If you want to know what exactly I'm getting done, feel free to ask, you may just get an answer.

I also finished my first batch of home made Limoncello! Even though it was still lukewarm, I already had a tiny sample and the taste seems excellent to me. When it's properly chilled - close to frozen - it should be sublime. I think Joco and Eef may be the first one's to give it a try on Sunday when they drop off Whiskey.

I think I've got enough references to booze in one post... blog to you all later!

Routing for efficiency

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After having a full 4 hours of sleep, I feel like crap, yet I'm up again and ready to rumble. Gathering the last bits of information I need and then I'll be planning the most efficient route to get things done today. Sounds overly practical? You betcha!

If you're a user of firefox, update to version 3.5.1 now. Don't wait till tomorrow or even after lunch. This newest update fixes a critical vulnerability that is being used in the wild, and you don't wanna end up on the wrong side of the stick. Easiest way to update? Open firefox, go to "Help" menu and "Check for updates".


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Just finished doing the windows, mopped the floors in the bedroom and bathroom and tomorrow or Saturday morning I'll finish doing the hallway, kitchen and living room.

Working the last night shift of the week tonight, getting home at 7AM tomorrow (hopefully), hop into bed for a quick nap, do some shopping (clothing, linen, food,...), meet my 4PM appointment/consultation at nipacenter after which I'll be heading over to M. to meet up with the one that stole my heart.

Stealing kisses

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Close to 7AM, time to hit the bed, sleep for a couple of hours and then go steal about an hour's worth of kisses and cuddles and not regret it tonight when the lack of sleep catches up. Yeah, definitely sounds like a plan I'm willing to execute :)



Ash, could you mail me? I can't seem to find your e-mail address on this machine and the one I thought it was, bounced. Thanks!

Rather tired after a long night, will sleep soon, dreaming of pleasant things. While driving home this morning I suddenly had an urge to post the Hillary joke and the Koala Bear joke to this blog once again. I guess I just like those :)

Oh, what do you think of when you read this description : "That first bite into the fuzzy exterior giving way to such soft flesh and juices bursting forth is sublime."? Apparently, some think of peaches. I think of something entirely else that also fits the description perfect ;-)

Roadtrip, Family, Fabulous

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Today I drove about 400km to spend the evening with the family and have a nice get together, and it was worth it. Bit tired now though, so I'll be off to bed soon (after taking out the trash).

While with my family I told them all about what's currently going on in my life and they were all pretty happy for me, which was fabulous. I can't really say that their reaction surprised me, but I still would like to let everyone know that they are fabulous. Word.

This week will consist mainly of working night shifts, sleeping during the day, cleaning up the apartment a bit more, hopefully picking up my HTC Hero (scrap that, once again delayed, now to July 24th!), a trip to Nipacenter for a consultation and having an awesome Saturday evening/night.

If you lack updates for the rest of the week, just assume I'm doing all of the things listed above :)

Update : Already cleaned the toilet (100%) and have done a part of the bathroom (60% completed). Off to do some shopping now, night shift later. Tomorrow I plan to finish the bathroom and hall, then start on the bedroom.


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That's about the best way to describe the evening. On the way home I stopped to get myself two bottles of Aquarius (Ice Blue and the new Green Splash) to rehydrate, lol.

Off from work tomorrow, on Sunday I'll be heading to Houffalize for an evening with the family, on Monday I'll start night shifts again and I'll be counting down the days till the 17th (end of night shifts) and 18th (more whoa!)

A close friend said it best a couple of days ago : "It's been a long time since we've seen you this happy", and I suppose he's got a point.

A bit of everything

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Off to do some shopping, need a gift for an upcoming birthday party, will be checking out the sales as well - hope it ain't too crowded.

Suddenly the release date for my pre-ordered HTC Hero mobile phone was changed from July 10th to July 17th while Amazon UK went from July 15th to 24th. Can't say I'm pleased with it.

Possibly heading out to the sauna later today, depending on the weather and Joco's workload.

Generally speaking, good things are going on right now and that makes me a happy camper.


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Had a couple of hours of sleep and went to get a haircut. A trim would be more precise because you can't cut much hair if you ain't got it. Shave and shower to follow shortly, after catching up on my mail and such. Will be heading over to H. near M. later today, which is something I've been looking forward to for the past two weeks.

Raining again today which will suck the last heat out of the rooms hopefully. Can't say I dislike this cooler environment.


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Fat drops of water falling from the sky, gusts of wind sweeping the streets clean and thunder rolling in the distance - all hail the mighty clouds! Too bad it only lasted for about 10 minutes :(

The temperature dropped a couple of degrees though, so I'm pleased nonetheless.

Calls in the wee hours


I walked back into the building when my colleague immediately told me that I had just missed two calls on my mobile. Not that many people have my mobile number - I keep it relatively private - so when I'm being called on it, I know something is up. Especially when being called at 04:13 - the wee hours of a Sunday morning.

Spent close to 30 minutes mostly listening, only speaking when I had something to say. I do very well realize that this once again is one of those vague posts that only one or two people will be able to understand, but for the time being, that's how it is. Something finally happened and I suppose it's a step towards something else, but for the time being I have no clue whether it is for better or worse, and even the definition of better and worse entirely depend on whom you ask.

Saturday + Sweaty

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I've spent my day sleeping till noon, then looked up some information on the internet and headed out to pdashop.be to personally play around with the HTC Hero smartphone that I've written about a couple of days ago. It pretty much impressed me and even though there seems no easy way to swap the virtual qwerty keyboard for an azerty version, I remain convinced that it can be done.

That same virtual keyboard was giving me a bit of trouble at first - my fingers are too fat I assume - but after a couple of minutes I was getting quite used to it quickly. Even more impressed I was by the 5 megapixel camera that took excellent video and still shots. I looked up a video on youtube and had it play on the phone without any issues whatsoever. The wifi connection worked flawlessly and I think it won't really come as a surprise that I pre-ordered an urban brown HTC Hero.

I think it'll make it easier for me to stay into contact with others, using various means, going from text, call, video, twitter, facebook and all. More when I actually have the phone in possession and it's fully configured (probably in about a week, possibly two).

Off to work a night shift in a few hours, hope that it'll cool down tonight and stay like that tomorrow.

If you like art, especially photography, and have an open mind about various lifestyles or choices people make for themselves, I can definitely recommend the new 2009 summer website and portfolio by Jerome Abramovitch. Jerome is all about passion, dedication and more passion and it clearly shows in his work : even if you don't agree or understand exactly what is depicted, the sheer beauty of the composure and talented photography will get under your skin.

Time to let the images speak for themselves : chapter9photography.com - new 2009 summer site & portfolio


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I've just made a couple of small changes to the schedule on the right, as I'll be swapping one extra night shift in and a 10h training day out, though that shouldn't really affect things too much.

Yesterday, I received note from my employer that the two days off I had requested in December - Rammstein concert - were denied due to operational reasons. I don't think I have to explain that I was (and partially still am) pissed off. They are incapable of correctly assessing the operational needs for next week, how would they be able to do so 6 months in advance?

Anyway, when the field manager showed his face and asked me how things were, I threw the letter on the desk and told him that he'd probably could guess, since his name was one of the underwriters of the declined holiday request. He claimed it was the first he heard of it, maybe the other field manager handled it... Doesn't matter to me really, I won't be at work those two days for the following reasons :

  • They waited too long to answer my request (+14 days)
  • I was not scheduled to work those days anyway
  • They have no case to claim operational needs 6 months from now if they can't even assess next months needs correctly.

Should they stick to their decision, fine by me. I'll claim operational needs at home every time they call on me to fill in for someone, work extra hours or come in early. Guess who'll run into trouble first? Karma can be a bitch... too bad she's riding with me, suckers.

update : I received a confirmation by mail that the decline has been reversed and that I'll be having those two days off in December anyway. (Goes to put Karma back in her cage... for now)

Breakfast of champions

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Grilled steak, potato salad, grilled mushrooms and beer... all before 11AM on a working day :)

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