I assumed my readers were security and update minded, especially since I mention the importance of keeping the computer and program(s) you use up to date every now and then. I was looking at some stats gathered and here's what irks me about browser updates and patches :

Firefox :

75,68% of visitors use 3.0.10
3% of visitors use 3.0.11
12,61% of visits were done using 3.5 (which is a preview release that I've been testing)
5.71% still use
2.40% use 1.5 or 3.0.x

All things taken into account, 83.79% of visits are done using an insecure firefox browser, which disappoints me. The 3.0.11 version was only released last week though, so maybe I should give it some more time... not! Get patching/updating, slackers!

When looking at Internet Explorer, we get :

52.16% uses version 7.0
29.86% uses version 6.0
17.99% uses version 8.0

Unfortunately, I can't get more detailed versions about IE usage, as it seems minor versions are not being reported. Let's just broadly assume that about 18% of our IE users is using the latest version, which still leaves a whopping 82% using older version. Get updating as well, will you?

If you've never tried the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (download) to get a quick overview of what software needs your attention, do so now. It's free, it's easy and it'll help you become more aware of issues you never knew about.


we still have IE6 at work... can't change that I'm afraid :-( so sometimes I'm one of those 30% with the really old version ;-)

Gently suggest they update/upgrade that prehistoric browser - if that fails, unleash a BOFH on them :D

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