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I got up a bit too early so I'll be heading off to do my duty and go vote for whom I believe most in. Well, I wouldn't even call it a duty but rather a privilege instead. Yes, I find voting extremely important and the TV will be on to keep an eye on the first results as they roll in.

I bet some - not to say most - of my colleagues wouldn't understand why I find it so important and even some friends and family may look at me as if I were a freak if they read I'm watching such a boring and mandatory event with interest. Feel free to ask me about the reasons why next time we meet.

Oh, for those that didn't catch it on TV (it was broadcast on Friday June 5th if I recall correctly) : HOME (by Yann Arthus-Bertrand).

Update : I'm back, let the results roll in :)

Oh, I do frown at people that take their car to drive over to the polling station that's less than 500m from their door and then park where ever they can find a spot, blocking the road, handicapped parking lots or bicycle stalls. Use your frigging feet or cycle there people. Stop being lazy a bastard!

Yes, I did cycle over there. I do all of my shopping on foot since I've got stores and all a couple of hundred meters away, so I had to first get the bike ready : check tire pressure (way too low - inflated them), check brakes, re-grease chain and gears, do a short test ride. Grabbed my helmet and went voting.


I'm afraid I'm one of those that took the car :-/ In my defense, though, it was the first time I had to go there, so without GPS I would have been wandering around for hours looking for it, and I had no idea it was only 1km away. If I had known sooner, I would have most likely gone on foot (due to lack of a bike hehe)

Apart from that, we watched most of the election show on Eén yesterday too. I must admit that I was getting pretty fed up with all that election news the past weeks but the results are always interesting

I'm rather glad to see that I'm not the only one interested in politics every now and then.

The results were not really what I wanted them to be, yet they weren't unexpected either. It seems clear that in times of uncertainty, people fold back to what they know, yet those same people tend to forget very fast. I may write a post about the how and why of certain rises or falls later.

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