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How one thing leads to another... I was looking for information about a song online, and my Google search lead me to a result that could hold the answer. However, as I followed the link, I ended up at a fake anti virus page mimicking my computer and telling me it was infected. Yeah, right. I'm not an internet newbie, you know?

Anyway, as I went looking for a way to report this scam I was pointed to Google Webmaster Tools - for which I signed up years ago - where I could indeed report a spam site. Not sure whether my find would be filed under spam, but I figure it's close enough.

While exploring the data WMT holds for my various sites, I noticed that two URL's were listed as not being found. One of them was an external link - which I can do little about, since they are linking it incorrectly - but the other URL was one of my own! Aha, time to fix that error. To make a long and hardly interesting story shorter : I just fixed a linking error that had been on the site since 2002. No clue how I never noticed it before, but it's gone now. Bring in the crawler :)

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