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I just got back home from a quick intervention to fix some computer related problems at J&S's place - their virus scanner needed an upgrade and while it's not all that complicated for someone familiar with the process, they opted to call me in to do it for them. Wise choice :)

This creates a win-win situation : they know that I won't just run in and out and leave things behind broken, and I get some spare cash out of my experience and knowledge. Today's task included upgrading the virus scanner on J's machine, update Spybot S&D, remove an old Java install and install the new one, cleaning up some no longer needed files and desktop links and a full test of all the programs he uses frequently to make sure nothing got fubar'ed.

On S's machine I verified the virus scanner installation, removed no less than 3 out of date Spybot installations and installed the latest version. Opera also got an update and an old flash version was patched as well. It still leaves her system rather vulnerable due to missing OS and Office patches, but that's something I can't fix that easily as they opted to "borrow" an installation disk from someone else, hence it's running a "not so legit" version of office.

All of that was done within the hour while having a nice chat and giving security tips along the way. Securing machines is a very rewarding job, believe me, even if there is no such thing as 100% security.

For those less in the know or up to date on vulnerabilities :
- Firefox version 3.0.10 was released recently, patching one additional vulnerability
- NoScript saw the release of version (Firefox plugin)
- Opera version 9.64 is available
- IE 8 has been deemed a critical update through Windows Update.

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